CamerAlert for iOS: Update Still With Apple!

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CamerAlert for iOS: Update Still With Apple!

It’s been a long long time since we submitted CamerAlert 1.3.0 to Apple for their review process. A couple of months ago they demanded we move to their In-App Subscription (so they take 30% of all our revenue) and threatened that we would have our app removed from sale if we did not comply within two weeks. We complied, somewhat reluctantly, and submitted the updated version. And then the ‘fun’ started…

We have been rejected numerous with little to no information to go off. The latest rejection stated that the app crashed when listing the available In-App Subscriptions – something we have never seen happen during our testing. In-App Subscriptions, like the app’s themselves, require approval by Apple before they can be used and this seems to be the issue we are facing. The In-App Subscription options have not been ‘approved’ and so the app crashes when the reviewer uses it! It is very frustrating and nigh on impossible to try to convey this message to the review team who are stuck behind an effective barrier made up of auto-replies and bureaucracy!

Anyway, enough moaning! At least it’s a good thing that Apple are being delayed from taking 30% of our income!! The obvious flipside of this is that the new features that have been ready for a couple of months are still stuck in limbo…

So, what can you expect in CamerAlert 1.3.0 for iOS? Take a look at this:

  • Added Apple in-app auto-renewing subscriptions
  • Added ‘Unknown speed’ warnings
  • Added icons for ‘Variable speed’
  • Added voices/icons for 140 and 160 speeds
  • Fixed a crash where an invalid speed was encountered
  • Added a separate mobile camera warning distance
  • Improved ‘Night mode’ with shaded maps
  • Improved troubleshooting of issues with Location Services
  • Modified the map movement code
  • Added ‘iGO Primo’ to the also run list
  • Other minor bug fixes

Stay tuned – you never know, we might have some news for you before 2012…!