Frequently Asked Questions

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If you should have any questions about the app, whether you are already a user or are considering purchasing then we may already have the answer you are looking for!

Pre-Purchase FAQs

Q:What are the minimum requirements for my device?

CamerAlert supports Apple iOS and Google Android devices. For iOS devices that includes the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, and all iPad 3G models. The core features are supported on iPod Touch devices so long as they have an Apple approved external GPS. Android smartphones must have a GPS receiver.

Q:Does CamerAlert use my mobile data allowance?

CamerAlert will only use data from your mobile data allowance if it is running in the foreground and you have it configured to use the Google Map view. If CamerAlert is running in the background e.g. when you have your preferred navigation app running, it does not use any mobile date and in the same fashion, if it is running in the foreground but you have it set to ‘List’ view then again, no data is used.

Updating the database does use data – it will download around 400KB (less than half a megabyte) each time you update. This can be done over WiFi to save your data allowance. If you are abroad then we recommend using WiFi so as not to get extra charges. The mobile apps download the full, worldwide, database so you could simply update before you go away.

Q:What countries does CamerAlert cover?

CamerAlert includes data for all the countries that the PocketGPSWorld database covers. This includes the UK and Ireland, Europe, The US, Canada, South Africa, Australia and many more. For a full list of the countries covered see here.

Account FAQs

Q:How does the “Latest Database Guarantee” work?

When you first install CamerAlert the database will be out of date. We allow you to download a copy of the latest database after you first register your phone.

Q:I removed & reinstalled CamerAlert, why can’t I download the latest database again?

The “Latest Database Guarantee” is a single download per device. If you remove CamerAlert it will remove the database as well. Re-installing will load the initial database, as your device is already registered and you have already downloaded a Free database you will not be entitled to download another.

Q:How do you use my registration details?

When you register CamerAlert with our server we use a unique ID of your device to identify it on our database. We use this information purely for database and administration purposes. We do not share this with any other entity, nor do we use it in any way to target you with any advertising or other offers. We do not collect any other personal details from you when you register. If you decide to subscribe to the site then the unique ID of your device will be linked to your user account. Please also refer to our Privacy Policy.

Subscription / Device FAQs

Q:I am already a member of PocketGPSWorld.com do I have to subscribe twice?

As an existing member of PocketGPSWorld.com all you need to do is link your account to the phone. This will allow you to download the database as often as you like whilst your subscription is active.

Q:I changed my phone and now I cannot link my PocketGPSWorld.com account.

The PocketGPSWorld.com account can only be linked to a maximum of 3 devices. We appreciate that occasionally devices get lost stolen, replaced or upgraded. If you need to change your account please open a support ticket through the contact form specifying your user name and the unique ID of your new device. We will change our registration details on the system for you.

Q:I updated my Android device (or flashed my Android ROM) and now it says I have too many registered devices.

This issue arises because of an Android bug which causes a new unique ID to be generated whenever you install a new ROM. As we limit a subscription to three devices, if you update your ROM three times you bump up against the device limit.

We are not permitted to use the IMEI and even if we were, not every Android device has a SIM card and an IMEI. Until such time as Google resolve the bug we are stuck with this process.

Please open a support ticket through the contact form specifying your user name and the unique ID of your new device. We will change our registration details on the system for you.

One suggestion is to use the paid version of Titanium Backup which can back up and restore the device ID when you update a ROM. Note that this requires root access so is for advanced users only.

‘Problems’ With The Database and App

Q:Android 4+: I am unable to update the database

In the main Android Settings there is a ‘Development Options’ tab, in which there is a check box for “Don’t keep activities (destroy every activity as soon as user leaves it)”.

Please can you make sure that this is NOT selected and then the database update will work correctly.

Q:The average speed is beeping at me even after I’ve passed all the roadworks!

Sometimes we don’t have the END camera marked accordingly – this usually occurs when the average speed cameras are moved on a regular basis while the roadworks are carried out. The first thing to do is simply tap your speed or average speed and this will cancel the averaging function as well as stop the warnings. The second thing to do is let us know! To do this simply tap on the average speed camera’s icon either on the map or in the list view and then in the list of options select ‘Edit details’. Select the existing details (highlighted in blue) but then on the 3rd page (after selecting the speed) tap on the option for making it an ‘END’ camera then submit it. You will get a confirmation on the screen as well as an email.

Q:I’m getting 30mph alerts while bombing down the motorway at 70mph!

CamerAlert doesn’t ‘know’ what roads are as such as we only use map tiles (which are static images containing no road data in themselves). We do, however, use an adjustable warning cone to detect a ‘threat level’ for a particular camera. You can fine tune this in the advanced settings: tap the cog icon, then tap on Sound warnings then at the top right click the blue circle with the white arrow. Here you can adjust the values for camera detection. Lowering the values can reduce the number of alerts for cameras on different roads BUT it can also mean you can miss warnings for legitimate camera warnings around the corner. If you fiddle with these and want to revert then simply put them back to the middle (45, 45, 50) which is the default value. The ‘Warning cone’ is automatically reduced (made narrower) at higher speeds.

Q:Two cameras are shown when there is only one that is reversible

Many satnavs wil only alert a user of a location if it is on the road they are traveling on and most handle dual-carriageways as two separate roads. As such, if the camera location was placed in between the two carriageways then many users would not get warned of the camera. To get around this we place a single direction marker on each carriageway to give the same overall effect of a single reversible camera.