Android 10 on Samsung Devices

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Android 10 on Samsung Devices

We are aware of issues with Samsung’s version of Android 10 and CamerAlert, and it is being investigated. The app currently will not run on any Samsung device running Android 10. This issue is specific to Samsung as other devices on Android 10 can run the app successfully. This has happened previously with Android 6.0.1 and the app worked again with Android 6.1 (without CamerAlert being changed).

While not ideal, we would recommend the app ‘Speedtrap Alert‘ which is available for free in the Google Play Store and is compatible with our database (there is a specific download available on the website that can be either copied to the phone and installed into the app or downloaded on the phone itself to be installed into the app). Instructions for installing the database can be found on their website here:

This will at least mean you can continue to make use of your subscription (although any reports/updates to new cameras would need to be submitted on the website).

You can also use the database on a SatNav such as Garmin if that is available to you.