The Busiest French Speed Camera Sites Identified

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The Busiest French Speed Camera Sites Identified

French car magazine Autoplus has put together a list of the 100 most active speed camera sites in the country.

A speed camera located on the A41 Autoroute at Sain-Julien-en Genevois, next to the Swiss border, occupies the number one spot, flashing on average 462 times every day.

Coming a close second is a Parisien camera, situated on the RD1 between Puteaux and Issy-Les-Moulineaux with 362 flashes per day. And occupying third place is a camera on the A7 between Lyons and Marseille with 323.

Autoplus warn that the cameras most likely to catch you are those situated at red-lights. Unsurprisingly, the crazy driving in Paris sees 9 of the top 10 red light cameras located in the capital!

And finally, the speed camera that sees the least use is one in the central Limousin region between Saint-Aulaire and Varetz.