French Law Bans Use of CamerAlert

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French Law Bans Use of CamerAlert

Last week the French government changed a number of laws regarding driving in France. One of these included the outright ban of any device that is used to warn a driver of the location of a speed camera – this includes both GPS Points-of-Interest systems (such as CamerAlert) as well as physical detection units such as laser and radar detectors.

In response to this change in law we recommend that you either delete the app from your smart phone when driving through France (you can reinstall from the Apple AppStore or Android Market free of charge – but you will need to be a subscriber to get the database updated again) or close the app and do not use it while driving in France. We are planning on adding a way to select whether or not to include the French data for a future app update.

If you use CamerAlert for your SatNav then you will notice that the download pages have been updated so that if you select one of the European databases you are offered the choice of downloading the French data.

It is entirely up to you whether or not you want to risk driving in France with the database but we take no responsibility if you get caught and get slapped with a €1500 fine!