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CamerAlert for iOS Updated

We’re delighted to announce that Apple have, at long last, approved our CamerAlert for iOS update and v1.3.1 is now live in the iTunes App Store.

As we’ve documented in the Newsletter, this has been a protracted struggle which was triggered by Apple’s demand that we drop our direct subscriptions via the app and move to their in-app subscription system.

We won’t bore you with the minutae of the battles we’ve had with Apple over this. Suffice to say that we’ve had to do a ground up re-write of our subscription software. And, given we couldn’t simply wipe the slate clean as we have many thousands of active users, this was no easy task.

Amongst the list of changes in this version are the addition of unknown speed warnings, icons for Variable speed, voices for 140 and 160 speeds, added iGO Primo to the ‘also run’ list and a number of fixes and improvements to the way the software works.

It’s live and available right now in the iTunes App Store. Thanks to all our loyal customers for their patience. Now we can get to work and concentrate on some more great features and improvements.

Download here (iTunes App Store Link)