Runs Alongside Your SatNav App

CamerAlert Features

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Runs Alongside Your SatNav App

Smart Phones

If you use one of the many SatNav apps on your smartphone (TomTom, Navigon, CoPilot, Google Navigation, Sygic…) then you can also run CamerAlert at the same time. On the iOS platform you will get audio warnings as you approach a camera or known mobile site, your iPod music will fade or pause (depending on your settings) and you will even get an alert if you are travelling over the speed limit for that camera. The Android platform is a little bit more flexible; as well as the audio alerts available in iOS, CamerAlert for Android also pops up the camera details on the screen above any currently active apps and the overspeed warning will display a big speed limit icon on your screen.

A unique feature of CamerAlert on both iOS and Android isĀ  ‘Also run’. This allows you to set another app to launch when you start CamerAlert. For example if you set it to run the Navigon SatNav app then as soon as CamerAlert loads then Navigon will load and you can get to your destination safe in the knowledge that CamerAlert will be warning you, in the background, of any speed cameras you might approach.



Many SatNavs (often referred to as Personal Navigation Devices, or PNDs) can install 3rd party databases such as ours and provide audible and visual warnings as you approach the cameras. The exact installation method and available features will depend on the SatNav itself for example some may not work with our spoken alerts and may only provide a ‘beep’ on approach. The majority can use the database of speed camera locations along with the icons for showing the camera type and/or speed. For full information please refer to PocketGPSWorld’s compatibility & installation chart.